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Code: J. McConahie
Design: L.B. McConahie

About This Site:
Hey, we all like free code. This website focuses on bare-bones tutorials without all the fluff. Additionally, I will post random software projects for the web and other platforms. I might even get around to making some web-comics.

About the Authors:
Jesse McConahie is a software developer with a BS in Computer Science from Mississippi State University. He is currently employed as an Applications Developer/Software Engineer for Mossy Oak Properties, a subsidiary of Haas Outdoors, Inc. In his spare time, Jesse apparently writes summaries of his qualifications in third person on a website named after himself.

Laura Beth McConahie is a graphic designer with a BFA in Graphic Design from Mississippi State University. She is currently employed as a Creative Designer for Mossy Oak, a subsidiary of Haas Outdoors, Inc. Laura Beth does not have any spare time, but if she did, she would work on her current side project,

Software Project Status Descriptions:

Infancy: Project is just an idea or in very early stages of development.

Work in Progress: Project in mid-development. Needs more features, documentation, and possibly bug fixes.

Halted: Project is on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. No intentions of restarting unless motivated to do so.

Completed: Project is finished. Additional features added on request.